Plays and Stories

Most of my stories and all of my plays have been written for children or young adults. Some short stories could be in either category: some of the stories in Traffic Island, published in Singapore, then formed part of Mixing It, which was produced for the education market.  Anyway, two categories seem appropriate here as well.


Lots of books, articles and resources over the years – starting with Excercises in African History!  Much of the educational stuff has to do with ICT so I’ve divided this section into two: ICT and The Rest (aka Other Educational Work).

Poetry Pages

I’ve divided this section into poetry for children and poetry for adults. I’ve published lots of poems for children of all ages, both in anthologies and in my own collections. Poetry for adults has been published sporadically and I’m not very good these days at submitting poetry to competitions and magazines. Also, my main energies in the adult poetry area have been directed into work for Teachit and writing sonnets to raise money for charities. On the Teachit site, I run the Poetry Place, which offers resources and ideas for teachers   It also hosts another blog, the Open Studio, where I keep an open writing diary so that teachers (and students) can share some of the thoughts, changes, mistakes and mess that goes on when you try to write a poem.  The sonnets have occupied my writing mind a lot over the last few years and some of them can be viewed on this site. I’ve raised over £4,000 for causes such as the Margaret School in Uganda, Water Aid and the Tres Cosas campaign for equal rights for ancillary workers at London University.

Sample sonnet

I’m sure it’s far too long, this shopping list.
Half these things we bought last week. Well. Weet-
abix just disappears it’s true, they eat
It fast – but do we really need more crisps?
They’re not a healthy option, we all know –
But – what? –  I’m the one who ate them all?
Well, I may have had my share. I don’t recall
Consuming all those chilli flavoured ones. Oh,
Now you mention it, while that football match
Was on, I did get through a few. Shall I go
And see what’s on offer over there? Just so
We don’t run out. Yes, I realise that’s
Not on your list, but it’s on mine and
It would be silly to run out of wine.