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February 2013: the month of the sonnet marathon – one sonnet to be written per day in aid of the Tres Cosas campaign, for which we raised over £1,300. Here they all are:

All 28 sonnets

and a sample:

The Challenge

Now I’ve really gone and done a silly thing.
Something I might easily regret,
Though not something others will forget
Or let me off the hook. Oh no, the ring
I’ve put upon my finger, the promise
Made in all sincerity is simply that
I’ll write a poem in sonnet form and at
The rate of one a day. Now this is
Madness. I am engaged upon a plan
Which will demand more brain and will-power
Than all the new year diets that our
Media try to tempt us to. It’s more than
Mortal wit and honest toil can do!
And yet I’ll do my best to see it through.


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